First 3 Young Soloists From İU (29/02/2016)
Practices Against Bio-Smuggling Is In Progress (29/02/2016)
IU Skiing And Snowboard Team Won 7 Medals (29/02/2016)
The Period Of Treatment With Game Sensors Start (29/02/2016)
Istanbul University French Language And Literature Department Signed An Agreement With Saint Benoit Highschool (09/12/2015)
İU Was Affiliated To European Association Of Distance Teaching University (19/11/2015)
Social Media Expertness Certification Program Starts (10/11/2015)
Great Success From İU Faculty Of Science (02/10/2015)
İÜ Men’s Futsal Team Ranks The Fourth Place In Europe (02/10/2015)
İÜ Received Tunisian Students (02/10/2015)
University Reports Revealed (10/07/2015)
İU International Students Certificate Ceremony Held (26/06/2015)
Turn Off Your Phones (26/06/2015)
İU Faculty of Economics Student Receives Prize a From Siemens Opera Contest (19/06/2015)
Surgery Photo Breaks Record (16/06/2015)
Turkish Prof. in The Jury Of European Inventor Awards (11/06/2015)
Women Rights are Human Rights (09/06/2015)
Carbon Release in Turkey 5,85 (22/05/2015)
Ranking Of City Rivalry (21/05/2015)
World Dance Day Celebrated (07/05/2015)
İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Hosted (30/04/2015)
Turkey Becomes Center of Test Tube Baby (24/04/2015)
Turkey Tennis Champion From İU (08/04/2015)
Dentistry Student Receives Award from Jordan (02/04/2015)
İU to Participate at Shell Eco Marathon with Hidroist (02/04/2015)
Prof. Dr. Bayram ÖztÜrk Talks About His Antarctica Experince (02/04/2015)
Solar Eclipse Observed (20/03/2015)
İU Rector Candidates Determined (18/03/2015)
Increase Your Gastric Acid Against Reflux (12/03/2015)
Crotian Minister Of Sports Education and Science Visits İU (12/03/2015)
İÜ Looks For Tennis Players! (10/03/2015)
Depression Treatment Should Be Done With Old Medicine (24/02/2015)
İÜ Cerrahpaşa Faculty Of Medicine Hair Diseases Unit is Opened (24/02/2015)
Acting Rector was Appointed to İÜ (24/02/2015)
The Rector of IU Prof. Dr. Yunus Söylet Made a Speech in the opening of 2014-2015 Academic Year of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University (21/02/2015)
“Give your hand Osmaneli” Project was launched (21/02/2015)
A broad cooperation protocol was signed by İstanbul University and the Near East University (NEU) (21/02/2015)
A Cooperation Protocol was signed by Istanbul University and Zarqa University (21/02/2015)
IU Rector Dr. Yunus Söylet Joins the Academic Council of the Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine (21/02/2015)
The IU Rector Dr.Yunus Söylet meets with the Red Crescent Authorities (21/02/2015)

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