Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak Presided Internatilazation Workshop Of Higher Education

“Internalizations Workshop of Higher Education Strategy Commission” which was presided by IU Rector Prof Dr. Mahmut Ak, 1st Internationalization Workshop at Universities, took place on 9-10 April 2016 hosted by Ardahan University.

In the Intercollegiate Foundation’s 233rd meeting, IU Rector Prof Dr. Mahmut Ak was chosen as the president for interim committee aiming at creating a report on Internationalization Workshop of Higher Education Strategy. Among the commission members are: Ardahan University Rector Prof. Dr. Ramazan Korkmaz, Yıldırım Beyazıt University Rector Prof. Dr. Metin Doğan, Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Hikmet Koçak, Hacı Bektaş Veli University Rector Prof. Dr. Filiz Kılıç and Bilgi University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Durman

The Workshop Took Place under the Presidency of Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak

Istanbul University Rector and Commission President Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak expressed his thoughts as “It is a really significant step to establish this commission in determining internationalization strategy for the needs of a higher education policy. Because of its geographical status, the numbers of students it has and the distance it covered in this area, it is a good choice to have the workshop in Ardahan.”

Higher Education and Internationalization in Turkey Were Discussed

In 1st Internationalization Strategy Workshop at Universities, commission members made evaluations on internationalization which became a key element and base drift of higher education, and policies, strategies and works to be done for improving it.

In 1st Internationalization Strategy Workshop at Universities, by making use of what has been studied in this area so far, a report was prepared on Turkey’s higher education and internationalization and its current situation. In this report, where the situation of countries will be evaluated in comparison that will present a good example of internationalization, the aim is the determine strategies for the upcoming period. It was stated that the subsequent step is the embodiment of avenues around the strategies that are determined through action planning prepared by the universities. The report which was prepared by the committee in the end of the workshop will be shared with the members in the first meeting of UAK.

Our Rector Visited to the Governor of Ardahan and the Mayor

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, who went to Ardahan for the workshop, visited the Governer of Ardahan, Ahmet Deniz, and the Mayor of Ardahan, Faruk Köksoy. IU Rector Assistant and the Director of IU Press and Public Relations Department, Ergün Yolcu, and IU International Academic Relations Chairperson, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeşim Özer, were also in the visiting.

After the workshop, Ardahan Castle, Yanık Mosque and Ardahan Congress Center were visited.

Translated by: Zeynep ÇELEBİ

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