“Turkish Cinema with Genres” is on Shelves

“The book “Turkish Cinema with Genres” approaches the genres of our cinema with a perspective of 100 years and the editor of the book is IU Faculty of Communication graduate Asst. Prof. Dr. Yelda Özkoçak. The book includes the articles of Istanbul University Faculty of Communication academic members Asst. Prof. Dr. Mesut Aytekin, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ümit Sarı and Asst. Prof. Dr. Onur Akyol.

Editor Yelda Özkoçak summarises the aim of the book in her preface as follows: “Movies reflect the society in which they are produced and the culture of this society plainly through the knowledge of genres and the interaction with audience. In this regard, movies should be dwelled upon, studied and interpreted. So we aimed to approach the most significant movies in the frame of Turkish Cinema. Here we either tried to compare the movie genres of Turkish Cinema with World Cinema or we tried to scrutinise it within the context of Turkey’s circumstances and to create a chronology.” The book deals with Turkey’s location with a critical approach and is a rare source for the ones who are interested in Turkish Cinema.

The book, which is published by Derin Publishing House, collects cinema genres under 11 important titles and also includes many interesting information for cinema lovers. Turkish Cinema with Genres examines cinema genres specifically in the frame of Turkish Cinema and thus tries to fill a great gap on this field. The authors, who set their hearts on cinema, came together and their articles took place in the book as follows: Cenk Demirkan “An Outline of Turkish Documentary Cinema”, Yelda Özkoçak “Movies of Freedom”, Yalçın Lüleci “Religious Movies in Turkish Cinema”, Tuğba Elmacı “Drama and Melodrama in our Cinema”, Gizem Parlayandemir “Fantastic Movies in Turkish Cinema”, Canan Uluyağcı “Turkish Cinema Humours”, Aslı Acar Yurdigül and İbrahim Ethem Zinderen “Horror in Turkish Cinema, Horror Icons and Special Effect Technologies”, Onur Akyol “Native Westerns”, Yelda Özkoçak “Movies Which are Melodist”, Ümit Sarı “Sex Movies in Turkish Cinema” and Mesut Aytekin “History Plays the Lead in Turkish Cinema”

You can get the book online and/or from distinguished bookstores.

Reporter: Türkan BAHADIR

Translator: Merve Ceren EROĞLU

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