Istanbul University is the Most Popular University in Media

According to the results of the Media Monitoring Center’s examination conducted between 1 January and 31 December 2016, Istanbul University became the most reported university in 2016.

According to the results, for which over 4 newspapers and magazines, 47 television channels and over 10 news sites are examined, Istanbul University received a total of 109,687 reports, including written, visual and internet news.

22,258 news about Istanbul University was published in print. In printed media, Istanbul University was followed by Akdeniz and Çukurova Universities. Istanbul University became the university with most equivalence in terms of advertising with its equivalency of 152.322.832 TL.

Istanbul University, which was the subject of 3,950 reports in visual media, was followed by Ege University and Marmara University, respectively.

In the internet news, Istanbul University became the most mentioned university with 83,476 news written about it. Cukurova University, which was followed by Ankara University, Anadolu University and Boğaziçi University, took second place in the field of internet news.

Istanbul University was also the university that reached the maximum number of people in circulation. News about Istanbul University reached 3,927,011 people daily and 1,433,359,089 people annually.

Istanbul University was at the forefront in fields such as science, education, patent, innovation studies, graduate achievements and innovative projects. In addition to its scientific and academic achievements, the university became popular in the media also for its international works.

Istanbul University’s Corporate Communication Planning is being carried out by IU Department of Press and Public Relations to meet the yearly changing and evolving conditions in the media. Written, visual and internet media studies and media relations are carried out within the framework of a communication plan. IU Department of Press and Public Relations manages the media relations of Istanbul University and keeps social media accounts and website updated. IU Department of Press and Public Relations, which analyzed 109,687 news reports about Istanbul University in 2016, found that 99% of the news articles about Istanbul University in printed media, 97% in internet media and 92% in visual media were positive.

Translated by Eda AYDEMİR

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