Cooperation Protocol signed between Istanbul University and TRT

  1. The Sharer of TRT Documentary Day is Istanbul University

A cooperation protocol between Istanbul University and the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) was signed on 9 March 2017.

In the scope of the cooperation Istanbul University has become the sharer of The TRT International Documentary Film Competition and Documentary Day, which will be held for the 9th time in 2017 in order to support documentary makers, promote development and expansion of the documentary. As part of the 9th Documentary Day, academic presentations, workshops, documentary film screenings and photograph and video exhibitions will take place.

“Istanbul University Special Award” to be given

In the scope of the cooperation Istanbul University, during the promotion and dissemination activities of the TRT Documentary Awards, within its available possibilities, will support the promotion of TRT and cooperate with it. In addition, an academic from the IU Faculty of Communication will serve as a jury in the competition.

Under the protocol, TRT will feature the contribution and cooperation of Istanbul University in any promotional work for the contest, on the program catalogue, on promotional products, on online promotions and on the web page. A prize in the category of National Student Films of the TRT Documentary Awards will be given as “Istanbul University Special Award”.

At the protocol ceremony, IU Director of Press and Public Relations at Istanbul University and Deputy Dean of IU Communication Faculty Prof. Ergün Yolcu, Istanbul University Faculty of Communication Lecturers Assoc. Prof. Özgü Yolcu, Assist. Prof. Ümit Sarı, Asst. Prof. Mesut Aytekin, Assist. Prof. Onur Akyol, Assist. Prof. Özlem Arda and Res. Assist. Dr. Gizem Parlayandemir took place. From TRT Fuat Kale and Bülent Çolakoğlu and from Renkli Defter Dijital İletişim Ajans (The Coloured Notebook Digital Communication Agency) Ali Sağlam, Ceren Keklik and Ömer Yonisoğlu took part.

Translated by Mahmut KOCAKAYA

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