Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul University Founded

Istanbul University, which is the longest-established one in Turkey, has added one more faculty to its 22 faculties. With the foundation of the IU Faculty of Architecture, the number of the faculties has become 23. 

With the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette dated March 11, 2017, Faculty of Architecture was established in Istanbul University.  

The Field of Education Expanding 

Prof Dr Mahmut Ak, the Rector of Istanbul University, in his statement referring to the foundation of the new faculty said “The longest-established university of our country, Istanbul University, maintaining its academic and scientific contributions, has been serving in the field of education. We will further our scientific power with this newly established faculty by passing it on the sectoral field. As Istanbul University, our primary purpose is always providing a qualified education to train professional people who are successful on the national and international level.”

Scientific support to our country’s important fields

The graduates of Istanbul University have contributed many fields in our country particularly in science, business, art, and politics. Istanbul University is an important corner stone in terms of its contributions not only to the science world but also to the need of qualified labour force in the sector.

With the education in Istanbul University Faculty of Architecture, an important contribution is going to be provided in the fields of architecture, designing and planning.

Translated by Mahmut KOCAKAYA, İrem YAŞAR

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