Istanbul University commemorates Çanakkale Martyrs

Çanakkale Martyrs, the symbol of courage, fortitude, and persistence, were commemorated with a series of events.

“Commemoration Ceremony for Çanakkale Martyrs” was held on 20 March 2017 at Istanbul University.

Within the scope of the Commemoration Ceremony for Çanakkale Martyrs, firstly “From 18th March to 15th July Painting Exhibition” was opened in the Exhibition Hall of the Rectorate Building. The opening program of the exhibition started with a moment of silence and the National Anthem.

“We are proud of our history”

Rector Professor Mahmut Ak emphasising the importance of the ceremony held in the long-established rectorate building said “I heartily remember our martyrs. It is impossible not to be proud of our history. There have been riots and coups in our history but we have overcome them. Throughout our history, every part of our people has been involved in every step of the defence of our homeland. With this soul, strength and stability, our community will live on.”

Following the speech of Professor Mahmut Ak’s, Zeybek Dance Show was performed by IU Student Cultural Centre Folk Dance Club.

Then, “From 18 March to 15 July Painting Exhibition” was opened with the participation of Professor Mahmut Ak and members of Istanbul University. After the opening, within the scope of the Commemoration Ceremony for Çanakkale Martyrs, the attendees visited “1915 Çanakkale Museum” in the garden. The attendees also had wheat soup, grape compote and bread, which were consumed by soldiers during the war.

“Çanakkale Spirit and Republic of Turkey”

A Conference entitled “The Çanakkale Spirit and the Republic of Turkey” was held at IU Congress and Culture Centre.

In the opening speech of the conference Professor Mahmut Ak, referring to the fact that we are a nation that does not give up its struggle, said: “There is no nation to compete with us. We have proved this to the whole world with Çanakkale Victory. Çanakkale has shown this nation the value and spirit of our independence, and the importance of Anatolian lands. The presence of the Çanakkale spirit is still within us. May our day and future be bright.”

The conference went on with the presentation of the Director of IU Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution Institute Professor Cezmi Eraslan. In his presentation Professor Cezmi Eraslan conveying the Çanakkale struggle in detail addressed “Goals of the Allies”, “Naval Battles”, “Land Battles”, “Secrets of Turkey’s Success”, Lessons for Today’s World”.

Following Professor Cezmi Eraslan’s presentation, Professor Abdulkadir Emeksiz, the Director of IU Student Culture Centre, read the poem “For Çanakkale Martyrs”.

During the program, a concert entitled “Çanakkale Folk Songs” was performed by Esat Kabaklı. The concert was attended by faculty members, administrative staff and students.

In the scope of the Commemoration Ceremony, the first 150 students who shared with the hashtag #istanbuluniversitesi18mart (#istanbuluniversity18march) were entitled to participate in Çanakkale visit organised by Istanbul University.


Translated by Mahmut KOCAKAYA

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