Department Of Press and Public Relations

Press and Public Relations Office

İstanbul University, one of the oldest educational institutions in our country and in Europe, aims to maintain its pioneer and leader position maintaining its original structure and dynamics. Democratic and participatory management approach that holds sway in 21st century  safeguarding healthy relationships with organizations at national, international and local level,  ensuring a continuous flow of information with broadcasting organizations and press and values such as being open and transparent in relationships with the community has given a huge boost to the public relations and press work.


Cognizant of its responsibility,  İstanbul University Press and Public Relations and Publicity Department, with its specialized staff and technological equipment considering the needs of today intends to transfer the scientific and cultural heritage in excess of 555 years’ process of renewing itself  to broad masses.



  • As directorate employees, not to compromise the secular, democratic and the modern republic and Ataturk’s Principles and Reforms, to prioritise public interest in the work done and the decisions taken fulfiling social responsibilities.
  • By including persons or entities related to the decision making, to operate a participatory and democratic process.
  • Not to compromise efficiency and quality in the use of resources.
  • To conduct our work in a team spirit in compliance with ethical rules and dedication.
  • To always treat all relationships in mutual respect both inside and outside the unit.
  • To create a network to share information amongst all units within the university.



  • Within the organization, to focus on students as internal target audiences , lecturers and the Deputies, administrative personnel, university administrators, students’ families and alumni outside, as the outer target the people of İstanbul and institutions of Turkey, other educational institutions,  the central organization to which the University is connected , media organizations, associations, professional organizations included and local authorities,  public and private organizations operating in the area of university education.
  • Within the context of total quality management philosophy to keep track of media, public relations, organise work,  ensure the right to use and acquire information of citizens and the right to regulate the relationship with the press.


  • Towards the target audience to create a public relations organization commensurate with the the culture of Istanbul University and to support the overall quality goals, planning for the a long term- high quality administrative processes with all units of the university administration and to make measurements and evaluations.
  • Since September 2007 Press and Public Relations Directorate’s strategy has been rearranged so as to focus on being student-oriented, process-oriented one making decisions using real statistics.  To also ensure continuous improvement and management by objectives, hold a participatory management and implement group work and be prevention oriented.
  • Given the the total quality management, Press and Public Relations Department has summoned the target circle under two main headings. A good knowledge of the properties of clusters selected as the target circle in PR practice, the selection of communication media, the creation of messages accurately and clearly which is  important also in receiving feedback.

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