Department Of Administrative and Financial Affairs

The purpose of the department to implement of budget  according to the plans and programs of the principles of the draft budget to use and to monitor budget, services and activities of economic and effective for human fulfillment, money and material resources to prepare the most appropriate and efficient way.

Public Financial Management and Control Act of 5018 to monitor the allocation of allowances to be spent under the state during our Presidency of Article 70 should take the necessary measures to ensure the needs in terms of budget.

Carry out all types of payment transactions related to the purchase and inventory work carried out by the Presidency.

Tools, equipment and carry out services related to the supply of material.

Invoice payment and follow-up of public debt.

Cleaning of the university, and private security personnel to carry out the transportation procurement, follow up after the auction, perform payment.

The sale of immovable property belonging to the University, hire and carry out the expropriation process.

Carry registration and control operations (any material input-output, storage, delivery embezzlement, speed and counting) to do.

All units of the university official seal, stamp and trademark execute the cold work.

To perform the reception and do the repair of these materials.

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