Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee consists of a total of 9 academic members from health sciences, social sciences and applied sciences selected by the Senate, being equal in numbers.

Three of the Ethics Committee members, each being from different disciplines can be selected among retired faculty members or among another university faculty members.

Three alternate members, each being from different science are selected by the Senate,

The Ethics Committee carries out its first meeting under the chairmanship of the senior faculty members and selects among its members a president, a vice president and a secretary for three years.

The presidency for Ethics Committee is for one term.

In the absence of the President, vice-president chairs the Ethics Committee. In case a president loses his or her right of membership for any reason, the vice president carries out the duties of the president until the new present is elected.

The president who takes the office by this way, completes the term of his predecessor.

The Ethics Board members serve for three years.

Temporary provision of Article 1 of this Directive without prejudice, one third of the Board members are renewed every year. Principles in Article 6 of the Directive is taken into account during regeneration.

Members whose term of office is finished can be selected for two more terms.
The alternate member takes over and completes the duties of the vacant members whom he replaced.

The aim of the Ethics Committee is to provide ethical rules in the researches, publications, education and social responsibilities and in all kind of services and evaluate if they are proper or not.